Posted by: Cacille | March 25, 2012

Food Finding part 1

This town is full of restaurants. It’s so full of eateries that it’s actually easier to name the number of shops that ARE NOT restaurants. I’ve been eating out at many of them due to not having a fridge, along with meals out with the school and teachers and such. While that’s fine, I wanted food that I cooked, simple food. So once I got my fridge in, I went shopping. I must have spent $100 on just condiments and bare minimum things – this town’s food is actually rather expensive. It’s pretty much the same price as home mostly. So I have the basics for making toast and some stir fry stuff, which meant my first home cooked meal last night:

Stir fry with cabbage and yogurt cream sauce, and pickled radish.

Of course, while making it, I discovered that one of my two sinks leaks…badly. Water was pouring onto the floor. So while I was mopping up water best I could, my meal burned just a bit at the end. It was still fantastic, but now I know not to use the other sink except for rinsing dishes off, not for holding water.

There is just one problem with shopping in Korean marts and markets. There is nothing in English. A few things have a bit of English, which is nice, but not everything. And CERTAINLY not directions on how to cook it. Worst part is, I had a toaster over but while I’d been told that it was a toaster oven / microwave, it’s not in English so I hadn’t figured it out. Not that I’d had much of a chance, with no food in the house… ANYWAY, I at least found some things and as I figure out how to cook them, I’ll post it here for other rural teachers to figure out how to cook things without reading the directions. Here’s the first batch of stuff I found.

Corndogs and ketchup and mustard

If you like honey-battered corndogs, you’re in luck. These are better than the USA’s (although the hot dog inside isn’t as great). While I was trying to heat these up, I discovered how to work the microwave portion! In just a few minutes, I had a yummy corndog. Now the other things are ketchup and honey mustard. Sorry pure mustard lovers – honey mustard is plentiful here, but not so much the regular kind. Look for the type in the bag, that’s the type I got. Next week there will be more, as my co-teacher and I are going to go to the mart and she’s gonna help me with figuring out what things are, and reading the directions on things.



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