Posted by: Cacille | April 4, 2012

Food Finding part 2

More food, finally! I have so much I’ve bought, I think I’ve spent over $200 on food in the past two weeks. Most of it on junk food, because I was missing american food quite a lot. Funny thing, I am not homesick, but I AM missing american junk food something aweful. So much so, that when I discovered that LotteSuper mart down the road had quite a few junk foods like oreos, nacho chips and cheese, and those strawberry and vanilla wafer cookies – I forget their names – I bought EVERYTHING. I then proceeded to pig out on junk food all weekend.

I know, big mistake. Of course I was sick of junk food by the end of it. But it helped me level out my insanity and craving for American food. Now I’m happy to get a good meal at school for lunch, and cook something american-ish or korean-ish when I get home.

2nd meal cheesesticks and chicken nuggets

A few nights ago, my coteacher and I went to the store so she could tell me how to cook things and what some things actually were.  I picked up bags of cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, and fries. As she read me the directions, I noticed one thing. The directions are all the same. Cooking these things are insanely easy. Get some oil. ANY oil (it doesn’t matter. I use canola). Put a few tablespoons of oil in the pan, then add the chicken nuggets. Cook for three minutes max. When they say 2 minutes or 3 minutes, they…mean…it. Just turn the things every 25 seconds or so.  You spend maybe a total of 4 minutes cooking them. You can chop some pickled radish/pickles/etc and cut a bit of salad in the same amount of time.

Now you may ask “How do I know which bags of items to pick up and what things get cooked this way”? Look on the back of the package. If there is a picture of a pan on the back – see above directions. Pretty much it’s the same thing. Of course, the minutes may change based on thickness of item or how dark you like them cooked, but otherwise, yeah. All the same. fries, cheese sticks, chicken or pork nuggets. Corn dogs are best cooked in the toaster oven or microwave though, and sorry, no directions on that one – it depends on your particular cooking appliance.

Today I went back to the mart to grab a trash bag and I picked up some ice cream for the hell of it. I tried a cone type thing, which was ok but it was coffee flavored, something I generally don’t like. I also picked up a pint of something that looked like “rocky road” ice cream.

Oh. My. God.

Upon opening the container, I realized how good it looked and EXACTLY how much I’ve been missing ice cream. I hadn’t gotten any yet here because it’s been too cold, but today it was nice enough. So I dipped in the spoon and had a bite. IT WAS CHOCOLATE AND MARSHMALLOW! With a few chocolate covered peanuts and caramel bits in it too. Holy cow, I think it’s the best ice cream I’ve had in a long time. That’s saying a lot because I love ice cream and am used to ice cream soft serve (Dairy Queen, little local places like S&J, etc) So if you see this stuff, get it. I hope this post helps you survive in small towns with small stores and small bags of food with directions only in Korean!



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