Posted by: Cacille | April 21, 2012

Found: Website with English directions!

Oh my gosh! Look what I found! All of you stuck in rural Korea, this site may just save your skins when it comes to cooking food.

I was looking up the hotcake mix I’ve picked up, to see about finding directions for cooking. I…should mention at this point that I’ve never liked cooking, same as my mom. However I did learn a few things from Grandma…namely how to make mashed potatoes. MMM I made some good mashed potatoes a few nights ago. But now I wanna cook the things setting in my cupboard – and once again, the Korean directions vex me, nor do I remember how to cook pancakes from previous attempts (I’ve always been the type to buy frozen ones, or just go to IHOP or somewhere.) So, here I am staring at the directions as if they will magically become English, when I remembered that I had internet and that maybe, just maybe, there were directions to make pancakes somewhere on the internet.

I type the hot cake mix  name, Ottogi Hot cake mix, and bam, up pops this site. Right with directions in English. And other things too!

Well…the point of this blog just became moot.  Nah, it hasn’t. Korea is still too funny and different, and future teachers still need to know about rural Korea.



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