Posted by: Cacille | April 28, 2012

Victory! I made a new recipe!

Discovery! Shelley has discovered a new Cooking Recipe.

Ahem. Sorry. World of Warcraft geek am I. So, in Korea they cut meat in all sorts of weird ways. Like insanely thick bacon strips, or beef cut into tiny pieces, like how stew meat is cut, but waaaaay smaller. Think baby mouth sized pieces. So I got some of both – the thick bacon slabs trial dish didn’t work very well, so I got the baby stew meat the next time. So, I thought about cooking it like my “HeiBstein dish” (pronounced highss-schtyne), a German dish I learned many years ago. Then I thought, wait. I want some flavor to it. Eh, let’s cook it with the stuff I have.


-Garlic quarters or halves or whatever they are called, peeled. They usually come in bags at the marts.

-1 small stew meat portion, cut into tiny pieces the size of nickles or marbles at the largest.

– soy sauce

-steak sauce

Cut up the garlic sections into halves. Garlic here in Korea is NOT as strong as the USA.  So if you are in Korea, cut the sections into half, or at most thirds for the larger sections. For usa…you might want to cut the pieces into fourths or fifths. I used a good small handful of garlic sections. USA people may wanna use only a few pieces. Add the garlic, the stew meat, and a tablespoon each of soy sauce and steak sauce. Stir semi-constantly until cooked thoroughly.

I had made from-scratch mashed potatoes the day before, so I heated some of the leftovers too, and added some lightly salted cherry tomatoes as a side dish.

Meat and Potatoes. Yum.

Pretty sure that this just made my list of Best Meal Evar.



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