Posted by: Cacille | May 26, 2012

Updates of Life

I haven’t written much this week, mainly due to lack of things to write about. I had sent most of my money home last month, which caused a problem of not having much money to spend on fun things. So I conserved it, only buying food and a few necessary basic shirts off a purchase site like Ebay, called Gmarket here. So, nothing really great to write about and I stuck myself indoors most of the time, so no weird things or meals planned or anything. Till Today – Payday! First thing I did was buy a bicycle, they were on sale and I’ve been eye-ing a specific one for months now. It’s white and purple and reminds me of a certain wheelchair I once owned and fixed up. I had a choice between 12 gears and 1 gear bikes, for a difference of only 10,000 won ($9). I took the 1 gear. I know what you’re thinking. WHAT? Well, here’s my reason. Hamyang is flat, save for a few tiny hills. It’s surrounded by mountains. I have no intention of mountain biking. I have no intention of using more than 3 of those gears total. Also, I’ve owned a 10 speed and a 3 speed. The 10 speed was worse to fix and get prepared every day. It may have just been that bike, but really, that old memory plus the fact that I didn’t need it, pretty much made the choice easy. So, I have a bike now!

I came home to find a very sick bird (Cockatiel). I called the vet…found he couldn’t speak English, and then had one of my co-teachers call. The guy said he didn’t help birds. DANG it…we had contacted him a month or so back, and his wife apparently said he helped birds. So we thought, GREAT! Well turns out his wife was mistaken. So no vet. We called others, no vet in this town deals with birds. We finally found one in Jinju, but it was too late in the day to go, so I went home to try and nurse my bird through the night so I could take him during the day.

Over the course of the night, I figured out the problem. Mold. I noticed that when I got closer to the window, his breathing, which was raggedy, panting, and clicking, got better when by it. I went outside with him, covered by my hand. He didn’t move, and his breathing got tons better instantly. I started looking for the source and discovered the problem. Some water had spilled in the cage apparently, and mold had started growing in the wood shavings. Also, I found another mold source – a plate of food I had forgotten about this week that had molded (Keep in mind, I clean this apartment every week). The mold went into the trash, and the trash went out immediately. I put on the fan, the bathroom fan, and the stove vent.  The bird recovered a lot within 20 minutes, and 5 hours later, was back to almost normal. A call to my American vet confirmed I did the right thing and there wasn’t much more to be done but do what i was doing – keep the air moving and the air fresh. NO problem. Tomorrow the cage will be fully changed, scrubbed, and the walls wiped down to remove any trace of mold. The birds are sitting happily, grinding their beaks the normal content way they do. And I am no longer too worried about the bird making it through the night.



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