Posted by: Cacille | July 26, 2012

Jirisan Park and soon to come Korea/Japan vacation!

My newest video: Jirisan Park with my co-workers. This is an unlisted video due to the people I am showing in it. No need to explain the video here, I explain it all at the end of the video.

As far as other things, I am planning a huge trip around Korea and Japan! My coworker from one of my last jobs, someone whom I’ve worked with for 5+ years, will be coming to Korea and Japan with me. Here’s the general layout for those who care.
Seoul 3 days
Yeosu (Expo)/ Suncheon 2.5 days
Busan 2 days
Hiroshima 2 days
Kyoto 2 days
Tokyo 2 days
Then we come home, however Janet stays in my town for 5 more days total and goes home at that point. Quite the whirlwind tour of Korea and Japan, don’t you think? Obviously, I’ve been staying home, doing very little in order to save up for this trip. That’s why there’s been no posts, nothing to comment on! And there probably won’t be another post until after the vacation too. No worries, pictures galore will be posted on various sites and linked here so you can see everything. I’ll even take some practical “how to get around” pictures for all you noobs like me out there.



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