Posted by: Cacille | October 3, 2012

Busy hasn’t described my past few weeks.

I’m not gonna say “I’ve been busy”. No. That doesn’t describe it nearly correctly. Truthfully, since I returned from Japan my life has been rather crazy, flipped around, and put back upside down. Emotionally. It’s been constrained time-wise at work, and at home I’ve spend many of my night in World of Warcraft. Then, a recent emotional upset, training that I need to do, financial worries for the third month in a row, and trying to plan for future pretty much barely describes the past weeks since my last post. So, let me update you all a little.
When I got back from Japan, I was on an emotional HIGH. Seeing the places which I had wanted to see, eating the food that I have never found to be anything less than amazing, meeting the friend I’ve known for somewhere around 10 years…to say the least, I was energized to make a big life change and finally commit to learning Japanese properly for an eventual move there.
School started again, and after the first week, everything settled again into place. I told my co-teacher that I decided to learn Japanese and wanted to move there in a few years, after Korea. She surprised the hell out of me when she said she wanted to learn Japanese too. We instantly started making plans to teach ourselves Japanese with the help of my friend in Japan. He agreed to help us, and bam, a plan was formed.
In the meantime, we had only two weeks to do four weeks worth of learning for the entire school. We all went into zoom mode, making chapter-wide lesson plans to fit within 45 minutes and a revelation hit me on how to exert better control over the kids and give the teachers the time they so desperately needed. I started the new system the next week, and all but two classes have responded quite well to it. It was a necessary change in order to teach what I needed to teach and allows me to punish in a way that I personally am comfortable with, and the other teachers are comfortable with. In the MEANTIME, I had to teach a class with the principal, vice principal, and all three English teachers there watching. I had to make up an exacting lesson plan, and do it to a T. Unfortunately, while I was OK going in, my nerves overcame me at first, but I think I rescued myself after a few minutes and got through the class okay. We shall see – the watchers and ratings they gave will determine if I have a job with EPIK next year, if I understand correctly.
The same week, the new expansion for World of Warcraft was released. I spent a week ahead of time, preparing my characters and farming for herbs and ore, not so I could play, but to put up on the auctionhouse so others could buy it. I wasn’t able to play the new part of my game myself due to the next issue.
I was completely and totally out of money. Back a few weeks ago, I ended up in the hospital 4 times in four days due to an extreme pain in my side (So bad that one of the days, I was throwing up due to the pain). While I have insurance which pays 50%, the other 50% when I only had an extra $200 in my account I had just barely started to save up, well that sure didn’t help matters. Not only did I have to pay that, but I had to pay to go to Jinju for extra testing, Xray, CT scan, Ultrasound, till they found the issue. Kidney stones. I then had to bring out my maxed credit card to pay for it since I had just spent my last $200 on the last 3 days in the hospital, and of course I have to pay all of it off Now since the card was maxed. Add that onto the $200 phone bill I had from needing it in Japan, and yeah. Out of money. I had to borrow some just to have food money. So after I got paid again, paid off the phone bill, electric, etc and borrowed money and sent the money I needed to the USA account, I then had to save $500 so I can go on a trip to Seoul later this month for mandatory training. Which means…I have a total of $46 to last me one month. That’s for food. $46. It’s October 3rd and I’ve spent $26 already. I still have to have money to get to Seoul. Yeah this isn’t gonna work. Hence financial worries. I’ll have to borrow again.
Then, to the last two days. found out an old roommate of mine committed suicide. AND I found out I had to do a lot of online training before I go to Seoul…and I’m a little behind. AND I am still trying to learn Japanese and Korean at the same time.
I’ll see you all in a month. That is when I think I’ll be able to post again, and have some interesting things to talk about from my training in Seoul.



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