Posted by: Cacille | April 15, 2013

Addiction to gaming

I haven’t updated since November. Why? Well, an addiction to gaming has kept me from doing so, plus the fact that this blog isn’t all that high on my priority list. I do it because sometimes my family reads it, sometimes it’s just to remember what has happened as my memory for the past is near nonexistent after 3 years or so.

So, this post will be about what happened over the winter, as best as I can remember it.

Christmas was nice, I got to spend it with my family over Skype.  I was a disembodied phone to them. To me, it was almost like being right back there.  I got to see them open my gifts, which had come just in time for my mother to wrap them (I wrapped hers so she didn’t know, but didn’t have enough wrapping paper or room in the box for wrapped up gifts). My niece got a Korean alphabet book, a cool pencil case, and a whole, real Hanbok. I gave my mother a small mother-of-pearl box, and my grandmother some fun slippers and hair pins.  My brothers and dad and grandfather got some interesting Korean snacks (including dried fish and squid).

January, I saved money like crazy, knowing what was coming in February. I went to New Zealand.

It was fun, and pretty relaxing as I stayed with a friend, she drove everywhere, met other friends of ours, and hung out. We went up to see Matamata (AKA Hobbiton), a white sand beach and a black sand beach,  through mountain ranges and right by a volcano. We hit Rotorua, Wellington and Weta Workshops “cave”, and we stayed with her family friends in a few places as well just outside of towns we were visiting, and we even did some couchsurfing.

I ate. Lots. Insanely lots. My friends fed me to the point where I was sick of food.  Holy cow did I find I missed really real french fries.  Meat pies. Sushi. Real fresh beef. Huge bars of chocolate. Unpasturized milk. The list went on and on. Upon coming home, I seriously didn’t eat much except chips for the day.

Upon coming home, I also met a friend who had just moved to Hamyang, she was in town for only another night or two, and we had been talking on Youtube comments for a little while before she did. She had just married a man in this town and was moving here for that. We went out, but everything was closed so we didn’t get to do too much. Just look at her new apartment and take a walk around town.  That’s it for this post. Next – start of the school year, more recent events, and more food recipies!



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