Posted by: Cacille | February 8, 2014

So much Life…so little time.

Oh hell it’s been almost 6 months since I posted last. I doubt I’ll post very frequently, but today I feel like it. And I have an hour to kill before I go to a friend’s performance at the local coffee shop.

News. So, many months ago, I planned to go home for Christmas to see my family. The previous Christmas was Skype-only, so this time I wanted to go home. Problem is, the school year goes straight through Christmas and ends a few days later. I told my family I couldn’t come home for Christmas, but I would right after that. I told them January 5th.

I lied.

I had actually managed to get my vice principal to agree to let me go home this year before the school year ended (by a matter of days. My co-teachers understood, I prepared a lesson for them to do for me, and left.) I did tell my dad, so he could pick me up at the airport. I had a layover in Tokyo (in which I spent some of the time with my Japanese friend, Tetsuji. I always try to plan a long layover there if I can, just to go have dinner or something with him cause’s he’s pretty fun to chat with for a few hours.) I then had a layover in Los Angeles, another long one. Thankfully, I had an acquaintence there whom I’ve haven’t seen for years, who offered to pick me up, take me to the Santa Monica Pier, and we had a fun few hours there. Technically, due to the time zones, I had lunch twice that day. Coming home, I was picked up by my dad, in the same concourse of which 3 years earlier was nearly destroyed by a tornado but had since been repaired and made rather beautiful. Since I had kept up on updates to the repairs, it was nice to see in person. And it was great to see my dad, even if it was nearly midnight, nearly Christmas Eve. It was 40 hours of travel. I wasn’t exhausted per se…I was friggin loopy!

Borrowing my dad’s extra car for the duration of my vacation, I surprised the hell out of my family by sneaking up and coming in to my grandmother’s house with a “So what’s for dinner?” My grandmother looked like she was seeing a ghost. So did my mom – for about 5 seconds. Her first words: “So were you lying to me the whole time?”

Yes. Yes I was. And it was worth it.

The rest of my vacation home was spent in a frenzy of meetups with friends, a party, and being sick and snowed into 10″ (25cm) of snow.I had brought two suitcases nestled inside each other, few clothes (I bought more when I was home since I needed to anyway) and a backpack. I left with a full backpack, two at-weight-limit suitcases full of food, and even a third large slightly broken handbag my mom let me have just to transport all the stuff I bought. How all that food fit into my luggage- let alone into my apartment- is still a unbelievable feat of engineering.

I’ll finish up my second year in Korea in a week, sign a contract for my third (and, hopefully, my last)  year in Korea. My goals are to pay down my bills by whatever means necessary. If this means taking on another job, then gosh darnit, it will happen. I already want to play the stock market but there are some legalities preventing me at this moment, so until I figure that out, my dream of being a stock owner will have to wait. My credit card is nearly half paid off, my other credit card is down to a pittance to pay on it, and my college bills have recently seen some good money being put towards them. So I’m down from the 70k range of debt down to the 50k range, and my goal is to get into the 30k range by the end of THIS YEAR. Lofty…possibly doable, if I put my money where my mouth is. And stop helping out others financially quite as much as I have recently, which pains me but is necessary for my dreams. No worries though, I’ll keep supporting the people I want to help in other ways, like helping them find job/money opportunities and such.

My other New Year’s resolution? Get my butt back to learning more Japanese speaking! Jeez, I even brought back my old language CDs plus have a few other ways, I have no excuse! And, Tetsuji has shown me that if I don’t use it,  I’ll lose it. So I’m trying to speak a little around the house, to no one in particular. Wish me luck. Oh yeah, and Malena bird is doing well. Happy that I brought her a good amount of millet home from the USA.



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