Posted by: Cacille | March 12, 2015

Home in the USA/ Bringing Birds Home

The Bird and I are back in the USA, her in Los Angeles’s USDA quarantine facility, me in St. Louis. I’m happy to be home. Out of Korea. Not that Korea was bad by any means, but it was definitely time. Three years is a lot of time to spend in a culture not your own and in a culture you’re not really invested emotionally into. I’m hoping Japan will be better for me.  Sadly, I can’t bring my bird with me just yet.

So, I imagine you’re just as crazy as I was and want to bring your bird or other exotic animal with you to another country. If so, some of my earlier posts will describe the process in extreme detail for you. But I bet you’re curious as to what needs to happen for your eventual return with your bird/exotic animal. Well, as I just went through it, I have all that info. And a few wrenches that have been thrown into the works that you need to know about.  This post set already assumes that you have been in another country for a while with your animal and you are returning.

The first thing you need to do is plan way the hell ahead. I would recommend starting this process no later than 6 months ahead of time. 6 for just planning what needs to be done, last 3 months for paperwork. In a pinch, you could get the paperwork done in a month unless the word CITES is involved. But you don’t wanna put that huge amount of stress on your shoulders, trust me, cause some of those permits take a long while to process. I hope this blog post set will help you keep detailed notes as to what you need to do, look into, plan for financially, etc. I’m going to lay this out in a step by step format over a few posts here.

Step 1: Import Permit

Step 2: Alerting USDA (and CITES)

Step 2.5 (If necessary) Alerting FWS

Step 3: Airline

Step 4: Reserving Quarantine

Step 5: Finding a Bonded Carrier

Step 6: One week prior to your departure

Step 7: Exiting your current country – Not as easy as you think

Step 8: Arrival at Airport – USDA Desk

Step 9: Bird Pickup





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