Posted by: Cacille | May 2, 2015

Angel at United Airlines

As you all can tell, this story has been a hell of a process and it’s just gotten worse and you all aren’t even aware yet of the full process of getting Malena to the states, let alone out of it again!  Only 10 days before the trip, I found out my friend, A, whom was going to come deliver Malena to Japan had lost her job, and gotten a new one days later, but her new boss would not let her take the time to come to Japan for a week. Uh oh. So I went about talking to A about S, her roommate and the person whom had picked up Malena from California in the first place to go to their home in a safe state for a while. Problem is she has no passport anymore, most likely lost from a bad breakup. She needs one to come, but we found a way to get it done ASAP by going to the County Clerk directly. So I called United to see about transferring the ticket to her name or get it refunded.

It’s non refundable nor transferrable. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

I about started crying right then. But I hung up and then asked my friends about changing the dates to something a bit more boss friendly. That’s a possibility.

Called United, told her the story and asked her about the fee to change the dates, which she gave me as $300. Okay. Sucks, but ok, has to be done. I then asked if there was any way to escalate to hopefully get help with the problem in general, but she said she’s never seen a name transfer in the 25 years she’s worked there. HOLY HELL, well that’s the right person to ask about transferring names. It has never been done at United and never will be, that’s for damned sure! So I asked about just escalating to someone higher so I can ask about refunding a nonrefundable ticket, given my story and the fact that I’m outrunning a disease outbreak. The lady sent me to Miss Wattley in Detroit. I told her the whole story, as basically as I could. This angel, she refunded the whole plane ticket, bird fee and all, minus just a small $100 fee! The lady was an Angel. ABSOLUTE angel. Understanding and sympathetic and could not believe the story. Which is understandable considering I can barely believe the story either and I’m living it.

United is going to have my business for life. There is no way, after this, I could ever love a plane company more.



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